OK, OK, let’s get the obvious joke out in the open and make a clear distinction between “Tile Stripping in Brisbane”….and
“Tile, Stripping in Brisbane”. We concentrate on the former – our team remove tiles from floors and walls, while fully clothed!

We tried it naked and aside from a barrage of customer complaints surrounding decency and hygiene, it’s actually quite dangerous!

When you demolish floor tiles with a hydraulic hammers and chisels, shards fly in all directions and it’s therefore essential you wear approved PPE at all times. And by its very nature, during tile removal, the floor is sharp and uneven – the risk of trips and falls is quite high, even when you do this job for a living. That is why our team always wears appropriate clothing and never disrobes, even in the height of summer.

Tile Stripping is an outgoing trade term for removing tiles – back in the days of no personal protection, poor WHS standards in general and casual labour paid by the hour with no benefits. Some of our older team members remember those days and bear the scars.

So, sure we strip and remove tiles from walls and floors in Brisbane homes, offices, shops and factories. We also operate up to the Sunshine Coast and down to The Gold Coast with several teams on the go at any time.

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Efficient Tile Removers team photograph at 2017 conference – NOT!