Tile removal by traditional methods is laborious and messy – it literally takes a day to remove all tiles and glue from a standard bathroom with a hammer and chisel or an electric drill.

Do you really have all day to squat down and risk hurting yourself in the process?

Wouldn’t you rather spend your valuable time choosing a replacement floor covering and installing it?!

This is exactly the question facing home renovators, tilers and small builders – all of whom traditionally have to remove existing tiles BEFORE laying another set of tiles, floating floors or carpet.

Time is money..and sometimes you have to spend it to make it!

Case Study – home in Blackburn North

Take Julie and Mike who were renovating their new home in Blackburn North. Like many houses built in the seventies and eighties, theirs was in need of a makeover. Mission brown and heavily patterned floor and wall tiles dated their home, and after removing all furniture and fittings, Mike decided to tackle tile removal by himself…

We’re not in the business of breaking anyone who’s planning tile removal themselves – Mike’s attitude was gutsy but it seems he only started at 10pm every night after a few ales….

But what seems like a good idea soon loses it’s sheen after hours of chipping away at the same patch of tile and glue, not to mention the dust which necessitates a further clean up session or two, or the risk of injury slamming a hammer around with exhausted hands and arms!

An Economy of Scale

Mike soon realised his dream of creating Julie’s dream home, fast, was quickly slipping out of his grasp. When he called us, you could sense the relief that 30 metres square of ceramic tiles would be removed, with the floor prepped for new tiles in a matter of hours. The additional benefit to Mike was having countless buckets of broken tiles and waste, lifted to a skip outside his home and removed the same day.

Tile removal is noisy and unless you’re actively working on the property, it’s best to be elsewhere when we’re using hydraulic hammers, concrete grinders and our HEPA vacuum systems.

Mike took Julie out to lunch and then went shopping for new floor tiles.

“speed up your renovation”

On their return, they found our staff had finished the job earlier than expected and the house had been left as it was, minus the tiles and hours of back-breaking work for Mike!

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