When tiles start to look shabby, chipped, stained or plain “old fashioned”, the simple solution is to remove them and replace with fresh tiles.

That in itself sounds like a fairly simple operation until you actually get down on your hands and knees to start chipping away with either a hammer and chisel or a pneumatic drill!

One of the most common things we hear from home owner-renovators or small builders is the total disruption to your “simple and quick” remodel…

That’s the principle reason we’re in business – to alleviate stress and mess when removing tiles in your home or business.

Tile removal involves really hard, back-breaking work with dust covering literally everything. If you hammer with a cold chisel and the glue underneath them, the hammering action and splintering produces masses of airborne dust – and that’s a direct threat to your health, your family’s health and your employees health. In fact, the Health and Safety considerations that even the professionals face, should be enough to deter most people from doing it themselves.  The dust ingress to your furnishings, clothing and electrical goods is damaging…and involves time and money cleaning and replacing.

Can you get dust free tile removal in Brisbane?

To be perfectly honest, no. And what is particularly concerning for our industry are companies who claim to offer dust free tile removal. The more accurate and honest description of what they offer is “Dust Minimisation” – which is exactly what we do every day.

If you need to remove tiles in your Brisbane property and you wish to avoid harmful dust, call Efficient Floor Solutions. We use machines which initially create less dust, then we employ industry leading vacuums to remove mess as our machines lift your tiles.

Because of our HEPA vacuum systems, we can work quickly and efficiently to vastly reduce the time that traditional demolition methods might take. The upshot is less disruption for you, less mess and being able to move on with your new, fresh tiling job, quicker!

In Brisbane call Efficient Floor Solutions now on 0417 032 500 – don’t put your health and belongings at risk.