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We remove tiles, carpet, vinyl or floating timber floors. Our team is committed to providing a high quality service in a timely and cost effective manner.

“I’d like to let you know how pleased I was with the work that John carried out yesterday.  He worked incredibly hard and did a thorough and complete job, and cleaned up very diligently.

He also made a great job of cutting the tiles to the powder room, which did not have a conveniently placed grout line.”

Rick Stoker, Ivanhoe

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Tile Stripping Brisbane

OK, OK, let’s get the obvious joke out in the open and make a clear distinction between “Tile Stripping in Brisbane”….and “Tile, Stripping in Brisbane”. We concentrate on the former – our team remove tiles from floors and walls, while fully clothed! We...

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Is Dust Free Tile Removal even Possible?

When tiles start to look shabby, chipped, stained or plain “old fashioned”, the simple solution is to remove them and replace with fresh tiles.That in itself sounds like a fairly simple operation until you actually get down on your hands and knees to start...

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Quick Tile Removal – Done right

Tile removal by traditional methods is laborious and messy – it literally takes a day to remove all tiles and glue from a standard bathroom with a hammer and chisel or an electric drill. Do you really have all day to squat down and risk hurting yourself in...

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