Tile Removal without Dust in Brisbane


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The decision to replace wall and floor tiles in your home is relatively easy – after all, fashions change; 70’s mission brown, busy, patterend tiles look “arghhhhhh” and 80’s bland, oceans of creams, look…“vanilla”, and what we got up to in the 90’s doesn’t bear speaking about.

In a mad act of domestic heroism, many people grab a hammer and cold chisel, and “go the hack” on those outgoing tiles, only to find it’s a fruitless, messy, dangerous job – seriously, almost every day we meet home handymen sporting bruises, cuts and sprains!

But the biggest bug-bear of DIY tile removal, is THE MESS!

Is it possible to carry out tile removal, without dust?

Well, yes. It does though require a substantial investment in expensive vacuum equipment to remove fine particles BEFORE they get airborne and cover every single thing within your property. And that expenditure is out-with the reach of most homeowners working to a budget.

Even for business owners renovating part of a hotel/shop/office, the additional cost of cleaning up billions of dust particles and spores of mildew, will seriously impact on your project costs.

That is why we exist – to reduce your costs and minimise stress!

Dustless Tile Removal - is that even possible?!

It’s ironic that our industry talks about “Zero Dust”, “No Dust” and “Dust Free”. Of course the demolition process of smashing and chipping away at tiles will produce mess, it’s just that we’re very adept at minimising clouds of airborne powder and for those sneaky fragments which escape our vacuums, we make every reasonable attempt to clean up after we’re done. Our guys are pedantic!

If you need to remove tiles in your Brisbane home or place of work and you need to reduce dust ingress for financial or health reasons, call Efficient Floor Solutions. Our new machines kick up less dust; our vacuum systems remove most of that at source, and our team actually use dustpans & brushes, and secondary HEPA cleaners afterwards.

The above means we can work quickly, without tripping over mess which, in-turn, makes even more dust! We finish quicker than more traditional approaches and your tiler can then start straight away (we sometimes finish only minutes before a tile layer mixes his grout and cuts tiles). We’ve even brushed past each other in the doorway – a quick hi-five/fist-pump – and the second part of your tiling job gets underway!

In Brisbane, call Efficient Floor Solutions now on 1300 884 615 - and have your tiles removed without dust and hassle.

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